About History  esSpanish founder Oscar Avila developed the esSpanish program after learning English as a second language in less than a  year. He later moved to the U.S.  and started teaching Spanish to adults at Dallas Community College.  He utilized the same  method he used to learn English and worked with a group of students for a year and a half.  Those students are now bilingual  and travel to Latin-American countries confident of their ability to speak Spanish fluently.   After this enormous success, Oscar decided to write his first esSpanish book in 2003.  He has published four esSpanish books so  far and is working on his fifth. Every book he writes is designed to build the Spanish language abilities of any individual, no  matter their level of Spanish proficiency.    That’s why I encourage you to sign up for an esSpanish class if you have the desire to understand, read, write, listen and speak  Spanish.   esSpanish has been recognized by several educational organizations because of its enormous success through the years of Spanish tutoring and customized group classes.